Sea Fennel Extract (Crithmum Maritimum)

Crithmum Maritimum also known as sea fennel is a monospecific genus of flowering plant in the carrot family Apiaceae. This active ingredient is extracted from a rare halophyte plant: Crithmum maritimum (or sea fennel) which grows in the salty soils of the Brittany coast. It offers radiance, oxygenation and complete protection for sublimated skin.

Sea fennel combines skin detoxification and restructuring:
Stimulation of the synthesis of ceramides & fillagrine (up to + 46%)
Improvement of cellular respiration
Protection against lipoperoxidation and inflammation
Restoration of water balance.
It fights pollution and aging by restoring cell renewal and the radiance of the complexion in just 28 days.

In overall this ingredient results in: brighter, less dull, less grayish, more homogeneous and smoother skin.