Golden Kelp

Laminaria ochroleuca is a large kelp, an alga in the order Laminariales. This active ingredient is a global anti-aging agent and a shield that reduces the release of mediators of inflammation. It also protects DNA after exposure to UVA / UVB. It comes from a golden alga: Laminaria ochroleuca which typically lives in shallow waters; as it is exposed to a high level of saline stress and significant solar variations, since it undergoes a total emersion and immersion which allow it to secrete secondary metabolites conferring it UV resistance. Known as the golden alga, it has the ability to resist UV rays. It also offers DNA protection to the skin after UV exposure.
This active ingredient can reduce redness by 11% from the first application, characterized by a significant reduction in the a * parameter (green to red) after 24 hours, compared to the untreated area after 24 hours, exposed to UV.

Benefit for the skin: soothing effect from 24h & up to 48h

Global anti-aging and shield:
Mode of action: collagen: + 30%, GAG: + 30%, Anti-MMP

DNA protector after exposure to UVA / UVB:
It has properties against photoaging: its ability to inhibit the formation of UV-induced “sunburn cells”, its cell protection with a global action on dendritic cells and DNA, its ability to protect and strengthen the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, in vivo studies demonstrating its moisturizing properties
Mode of action – In vitro:
Reduction of cells burned by the sun (induced by UVB): -50%
An active ingredient that reduces the mediators of inflammation