Butterfly Ginger Extract (Hedychium Coronarium)

Extract concentrated in sugars from the rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium,a perennial flowering plant in the ginger family native to the Eastern Himalayas, this active ingredient offers many benefits for the skin. It acts as a multi protection against blue light, UV and pollution.

These rhizomes, mostly made up of sugars, are the plant’s energy source.
This specific composition inspires us to explore its effects on the mitochondrial metabolic activity of the skin (consuming sugar) and its powerful multi-protective power.

Our skin is exposed to stressful conditions, resulting in accelerated aging. These conditions include environmental pollution, such as blue light, smoke or oil, and chronological aging of the skin. They unfavorably regulate autophagy or energy metabolism.

It acts as a multiprotector against blue light, UV and pollution. This detoxifying approach helps to improve the condition of the skin for better luminosity.

Clinical results show that trained evaluation technicians perceive better luminosity (+ 16%) in women exposed to pollution (active city dwellers and smokers) after 28 days of application versus placebo. The self-assessment concludes on brighter, more hydrated, more supple and softer skin. The complexion is more radiant and more even.