Alpha-bisabolol is known as a powerful soothing active, very effective at low doses. It is an excellent choice for the care of sensitive and uncomfortable skin. It also works as an:

– Anti-inflammatory
– Anti-irritant
– Repairman
– Healing
– Soothing

• Anti-inflammatory activity

The α-Bisabolol intervenes, firstly, on the release of certain mediators of inflammation such as the cytokine
IL-1α and leukotriene B4. These two molecules are involved in reactions related to skin hypersensitivity.
Α-Bisabolol acts at the source of inflammation by limiting the release of these pro-inflammatory mediators. Α-Bisabolol has the ability to effectively soothe skin irritations.

• Antioxidant activity

It also interferes in the production of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), disrupting the chain of reactions leading to free radicals. Bisabolol therefore has antioxidant activity.
It causes a decrease in the intensity of redness and the feeling of discomfort (redness, itching, tightness, tingling)