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Moisturizers have lived in the dark ages for too long. To keep up in an ever-changing world, your daily moisturizer should do more than just moisturize. That’s why we created ours to hydrate, renew and protect — it’s the only multi-purpose day cream to do it all.

  • 30ml custom made moisturizer
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Blue Light Protection

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Title Custom Made Natural Vegan Made fresh to order Ultra effective just for your skin
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Customize yours

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I love it!!!

I’m a fan. The texture is great, it’s not oily, it moisturizes well, sometimes I use it as a make up primer and sometimes when I don’t wear make up I complete with the unicorn serum from Farsali. I find that both give an awesome result: unified complexion and smooth skin.

Healthy & glowing skin

So… I’ve been using my personalized @HishiSkin day cream for 2 months now, and my skin is waaay more healthy and glowy. Even with no makeup on! Highly Recommend!


I had no idea how much pollution was damaging my skin before I started using the moisturizer and I saw the results. Also, the custom made formula is such a relief for my sensitive skin! Absolute essential!!


The cream has a great light texture, just enough to keep my skin moisture and not make it oily. I love the unique formulation of Hishi cream and that it made according my type of skin and environment I live in. Great product ❤️


My moisturizer is just what I needed, I usually jump from brand to brand and can safely say that will not be changing anymore. I stopped breaking out, it really gives my skin what it needs and the brand has an amazing plus, they plant 30 trees for every bottle I buy to nullify my carbon foot-print for an entire month.


I’ve been using my moisturizer for a month now, and have stopped using my other products from my morning routine (moisturizer and anti-aging serum), In Hishi I found a more complete product that is giving the results I need, my skin feels smooth and hydrated throughout the day.


It took me a while to decide if a customized product would do any difference on my skin. I’m glad to say that my moisturizer feels like an enhanced version of my usual day products, really digging the results, specially how hydrated my skin is now.


Switching from chemical ingredients to natural ones took me a while, since I needed a product that would give me the same results. My moisturizer is working as I was expecting and I’m loving the added protection against pollution and blue light.


I have really difficult skin, super sensitive and its always reacting to weather conditions. I found that customizing my product really gets me the results I want. I have re-formulated my moisturizer 2 times to keep up with my skin needs, really love that the product can change as much as I need it to.


Your brand is the first that has ever worked for my acne, I’ve tried several products that never worked except your face cream.
It works like magic! I have been to several dermatologists but with no positive results until I used your moisturizer.


I didn’t get why I would ever need to customize something for my skin. After using my moisturizer for a couple of months I’m having my best skin in a while, it isn’t oily as it used to, I don’t breakout anymore and it’s super smooth.


I live in a very polluted city and I’ve had for a while really dry and dull like mate looking skin. I started using my moisturizer and I’m finally seeing my skin as it used to, it feels as before and doesn’t look dull anymore.